Thursday, May 22, 2014

Farewell :.(

To whom it may concern,
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To all my friends and followers, farewell, I will be leaving 5th grade and will not be coming  back(obvious) and you will never hear from me again and I wish you all a very happy summer and you all have inspired me from the Audubon to Mr.Moore my 5th grade teacher. I may have another blog and will work on that if I do than you will see a post that says"I'm baaaak for two short seconds". Oh and in that"I'm baaaak for two short seconds" thing I will have a link to my 6th grade blog(if I have one) . I wish I could stay but I gotta go, so farewell! Oh and if you want to follow my steps(not literally only the field trips) and see my totally favorite work click here! So this is good by*waaaaaa*.

Your long gone writer